Website Building - Workshop & Project

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    • For students in US: We will resume registration in August 2022.
    • For students in India: We will resume registration in July 2022. 

What the workshop offers:

Website design and understanding of Internet concepts are required foundational knowledge for every person in this new digital age.

This online workshop will provide many key concepts of how Internet works (in simple and easy-to-understand style) and hands-on knowledge in Website building (with no computer coding involved).

The topics include:

  1. How the Internet works
  2. How the website domain names and a browser works
  3. Website components – UI widget types
  4. User Experience & Responsive Design
  5. SEO & Google Analytics
  6. How to be Safe in Internet
  7. Hands on project in building a website (using Kurious365 platform; website subscription is included in the course)


  • Workshop Zoom webinar – 1.5 Hours 
    • For students in US: We will resume registration in August 2022.
    • For students in India: We will resume registration in July 2022. 
  • Lab Hours (instructor led) – must attend at least 2 sessions:
    • Every Sunday
    •  6 pm – 7 pm US (PT) and 6 pm – 7 pm IS

Zoom info:

  • Will be shared by email after the registration.

Project (mandatory to get course completion certificate):

Students will have 2 weeks to complete the first release of a website for personal site or for a non-profit.

  • Personal site option
    • Select a hobby or theme to showcase (e.g.: your academics, gaming, sports/games, photography, etc)
  • Website for non-profit option
    • Students can identify a non-profit organization in their neighborhood, school or network. The selected non-profit could be a formally registered organization or unregistered. Examples include school clubs, volunteer groups & PFC/PTA organizations).
    • This may count towards your volunteering hours (for High school students). Please check with your school counselor.

Who can sign up:

  • Students in 6th grade to 12th grade with basic computer knowledge and have access to a computer (no coding experience is needed)

Course Fee:

None for now (promotion)


  • Personal website
    • US: $25 / India: Rs. 500 after completing the course, passing the online quiz test, building a good website and presenting demo
  • Website for non-profit
    • US: $50-$200 / India: Rs. 2,000 – 10,000
    • Note: prize amount depends on non-profit size & its reach / impact and quality of the website 

Free website hosting for all participants.

Project - Objectives to meet:

  • Students must get approval from the non-profit organization to build a website for them.
  • The Website should be designed and deployed with factual & legally allowed content for K-12 students age appropriate.
  • Website should include minimum of 2 pages and maximum of 5 pages
  • Website design & content – objectives to meet:
    • Informational 
    • Pleasant user experience
    • Engaging – include important information along with relevant pictures
    • Integrate with Google Analytics

Please email us at if you have any questions.