Learn Indian and World Languages.
Tamil, Telugu and Spanish are offered now.
More to come soon.

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We are currently offering Tamil, Telugu and Spanish language classes.

  • Small group class starting from $8 per 45 minute session.
  • Private classes for 30 and 60 minutes available. Price on request.
  • Weekly feedback and notes from the teacher. Fun exercises and activities to aid learning and weekly at home activities.
  • Curriculum is based on A, B & C levels, see details below. The focus is mainly on conversational aspects.

A Levels | Basic User

A1 | Beginner

  • Recommended Age: 5 years and above. 

  • Prerequisite: None

  • Make the student comfortable in the new language and get motivated to learn with focus on conversational aspects focusing on new vocabulary areas each week.

  • Listen and learn short stories.

  • Outcome: Introduce oneself and ask others a few basic introductory questions. Sense the tone and flow of the language. Understand and use basic vocabulary in a family or social setting.

A2 | Elementary

  • Recommended Age – 7 years and above.

  • Prerequisite: Finished Beginner level.

  • Make the student more comfortable in the language by listening to simple stories, short narratives and poems.

  • Learning advanced words and their use in conversational dialogue.

  • Learn to render short stories confidently.

  • Outcome: Understand commonly used expressions in family or social gatherings. Converse simple dialogues that are routine and that involve short expressions of basic needs. Describe things in simple terms.

B Levels | Independent User

B1 | Intermediate

  • Recommended Age – 9 years and above.

  • Prerequisite: Finished Elementary Level.

  • Make the student familiar enough with the language to be able to converse easily for simple conversations.

  • Learning to construct short stories and presentations.

  • Learn to render longer stories.

Outcome: Fairly understand points regarding family, work, school or leisure-related topics. Handle some basic situations in areas where the language is spoken. Describe events in brief.