​​​“Chess is the gymnasium of the mind.” - Blaise Pascal​

Mavin Academy is an affiliate of US Chess Federation (USCF). We have guided many players to State and National ranking over the years. We bring comprehensive Chess program to individual students and School teams.

Register For Weekly Chess Classes (online and in-person options available): Email us at admin@mavinacademy.com for more information or to schedule a free trial class.

What our In-Person Chess program offers?

Our comprehensive 2-hour in-person program on Sundays (3-5 pm) includes about 1-hour of interactive class by experienced Coaches an 1-hour of play time (unrated mostly but may host rated Quick & Blitz rated events).  Both our in-person and online programs are built on 3 pillars: Learn, Practice and Review. 

Summer 2022 Program Information: Sundays 3-5 pm. 8 Weeks (July 10th – Aug 28th)



Brilliant Minds Dublin (behind IHOP, Dublin, near Dublin Blvd and Dougherty intersection, opposite to Honda car dealership)

Address: 6300 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA 94568

Fee: $280 ($35 per 2-hour session).

To Register: Please see the information at the bottom of this page.

What our Online Chess program offers?

Our comprehensive program has 3 pillars: Learn, Practice and Review. All the following are included in our program.

LEARN: Weekly group lessons (one-hour)
Small and interactive group lessons by experienced Coaches (maximum 8 players, but typically we limit to about 6 players)
PRACTICE: Weekly practice tournaments
Practice is a key aspect of learning. We host a weekly practice session among the club players for a fun and friendly competition. Every Wednesday 6 pm - 7.30 pm (flexible - players can join late, leave early, re-join or skip a week).
REVIEW: Office Hour (once a month)
A Coach will meet with your players in one-to-one setting to review the recent games and highlight the strong moves, identify areas for improvement & explain any concepts that the player may be lacking.

On-line Program Fee & Value

We guide the Players and Parents to understand the Chess journey (to charter a path for Chess mastering and also if the player is passionate, we guide towards becoming a Master level player over the years) and prepare them to compete in the Local, State and National competition events. Our weekly newsletter offers rich information and on-going updates.

About the on-line program Fees: (a) The Chess program fee is $100/month, and it includes all the above features.  (b) Deposit fee is $100 (one time collected during the registration) – this will be used for last month of notice time (when student withdraws or takes break longer than 2 months). (c) Enrollment fee ($50) is waived for new members for now.

Our Chess Program framework includes 7 levels

  • Level 1 – Rookie (Unrated) : New player with no or very little background in Chess.
  • Level 2 – Beginner-1 (USCF Under-300) : Knows the Chess pieces and basic rules. Have played in non-competitive levels.
  • Level 3 – Beginner-2 (USCF 300-600) : Player is playing or ready to play in competitive level.
  • Level 4 – Intermediate-1 (USCF 600-900) : Mastered the foundation across Opening principles and basic Strategy & Tactics. Applies the concepts consistently, develops the game, able to handle middle and end games reasonably well.
  • Level 5 – Intermediate-2 (USCF 900-1200) : Very active in the competitive Chess (online and OTB). Able to visualize candidate moves with 2-4 moves depth, able to create mating nets, mastered broader concepts such as Pins, Forks, Skewers & Opposition and knows basics of advanced concepts.
  • Level 6 – Advanced-1 (USCF 1200-1500) : Mastering the advanced concepts such as Zugzwang, Zwischenzug, Combination attacks and complex sacrifices with forcing moves. Knows couple of Openings very well.
  • Level 7 – Advanced-2 (USCF 1500-1800) : Mastered the concepts such as Zugzwang, Zwischenzug, Combination attacks and complex sacrifices with forcing moves. Mastered at least 3 common openings for White and Black. Knowledgeable in creating weaknesses for opponent, develop the game with in-depth strategy and mastered most of the middle and end game tactics.

To Register:

Do you have a Mavin Account?

  1. Login to your parent/guardian account  at https://www.mavinacademy.com/sign-in
  2. Click on “+” sign in the left menu, select program, fill in the details and Pay through PayPal.

If you have any questions, please reach us via the Contact us form on the home page, email us at admin@mavinacademy.com.

Do not have a Mavin Account yet?

  1. Please create a Mavin account before registering for the tournament using https://mavinacademy.com/sign-in
  2. Fill the information for the parent/guardian and submit. You will receive an email in a few minutes to validate the email and to create your password. If you do not receive an email within 2 minutes, please check the spam folder.
  3. Login and add your Child’s profile.
    1. Click on the top left 3 lines to expand the menu and go to Profile->Student and click ADD to create the student profile. Follow the same procedure if you have more than one student. For student email, use only private email address, if they have one and not school district email. Student email is optional.
  4. To Register: While logged into your parent/guardian account, Click on “+” sign in the left menu, select the program , fill in the details and Pay through PayPal.

If you have any questions, please reach us via the Contact us form on the home page, email us at admin@mavinacademy.com.

Webinar by Grand Master Lenderman

Grand Master Lenderman shared his Chess journey, from his childhood to becoming a GM, challenges he overcame, strengths (both personal and Chess) he developed and more. Video recording is available to Mavin players on request.

Journey: Rookie to 1000 rating

Rookie to 1000+: Coach Katherine has shared wealth of experience here. It is a great read and journey map for all young players.

FAQ for New Chess Parents and Players

Frequently Asked Questions for new Chess parents and players.

Chess - Web Resources

Useful links to USCF and Chess news